I’m New To This

When we are communicating with others, they may or may not know how long we have been doing something.  So, they see the value in the words we are saying.  When we validate a statement with “I’m new”, they will discredit or question our statements.

As a Group Leader, it is very important that your members don’t discredit what you are saying.  They will loose confidence in you and question your statements.  This is not a good thing when we are trying to help people with their recovery.  The last thing they need is to think we might not know what we are talking about.

Here is my suggestion:

  • This might be your first group, but it’s not your first time learning the information.
  • Lead from the front, not from the rear!
  • Don’t be afraid to say, “let me get you some more information”  Then reach out, get the information that you need, then return with the confidence and share it.
  • This might be your first time riding the bull, but it’s not your first rodeo!
  • You know the process, you know the procedures, you know the results they can bring.  You are not where you are by accident or mistake!  Lead with Confidence!!

Let me say it like this… When you first learned the processes and procedures of Restored Warriors, you were told with confidence.  A confidence that you knew if you would do what was being shared, you would find victory.  Well, you have found that victory and today, you are a Group Leader.  You know the victory that God has given you and you know that God wants to give that victory to every person.  God has called you out and set you aside to lead others to that victory!  Don’t discredit yourself by questioning information that you know to work.  You stand on the battleground, you are a mighty warrior, you have the tools and you have the victory!  Now share that with confidence with the wounded warriors around you!

I am your biggest fan and cheerleader!  You are doing and going to do more amazing and wonderful things as you allow the confidence that God has given you to grow inside of you!

Onward Into Battle Warrior!


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