Leaders Meeting April 12, 2022

Tonight We Discussed:

  • Meetings will be monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm (cst).  If additional meetings are needed (for planning or development purposes), they will be on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  No group meetings will be scheduled on Tuesday nights at 7pm (cst) so all group leaders will be available (unless personal conflicts).  If a meeting is missed, you may contact Daniel with questions and comments.
  • RW Group Leaders Site  leaders.restoredwarriors.org  which is accessible at the bottom of any RW website page.  Password protected.  Password: 8886979411  (RW Phone Number)
  • Setting Up RW Email
  • Setting Up RW Phone service
  • Daniel shared vision of new curriculum:
    • Will be focused on “Discipleship Through Addiction“.  Many of the programs we are using are only teaching the addiction recovery methods.  Yet as Christians, we are to follow Christ examples and learn from His teachings.  When we learn the teachings of Christ, we can then overcome any addiction or situation in life.  The new curriculum “Discipleship Through Addiction” will teach basic life principles that can be applied not only to Unwanted Sexual Addiction but to every aspect of life.
    • This curriculum will be audited by 5 Pastors for Biblical content along with a review by the RW Group Leaders.
    • This is a confidential communication.  Talk about this curriculum should only be done between Group Leaders at this time.
    • The “Discipleship Through Addiction” will be debuted at Restored Warriors Reunion 2022
    • The curriculum will entail a very lengthy questionnaire, which will dive into a persons past to help them in the recovery process.
    • Should you have questions or ideas, contact Daniel
  • Prayer & Close.

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