Zoom Account:

User Name: contact@restoredwarriors.org

Password: 8886979411Rw

At the top right hand corner of your ZOOM ACCOUNT, click your account and make sure you are logged out of your ZOOM ACCOUNT.  Then you will be able to log into the ZOOM RW account.  Once in the account, you should be able to click the Join Meeting link that you get in your weekly notice and it sign you with this account.

Pure Desire Account:

User Name: contact@restoredwarriors.org

Password: 8886979411

From the “My Account” page, enter the User Name & Password above.  Then choose “Memberships“.  Depending on if you are leading a Seven Pillars or SI101 group, choose “VIEW“.  Then choose the lesson you will be doing.  The video will load and be ready to share.

Sexual Integrity 101 Workbook

Log into Pure Desire, under “DOWNLOADS” you will find “Sexual Integrity 101 Workbook – Digital”  Click “Download“.

Group Meeting Information Page:

At the end of your meeting.  You will have to log into your Member Portal Page, then please go to:

Please fill out this page so the regular group leader knows what was done and what needs to be done at the next meeting.

Group Leaders Training

For anyone who is thinking about leading a group of their own, you can sign in at any time and watch the “Group Leaders Training” anytime you want.  It’s a course that we purchased for every leader to go through.